Synonyms for implement

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carry out (verb)


execute, perform, accomplish, carry, run, effectuate.
enforce (verb)


comply, fulfil, fulfill.
apply (verb)


administer, put through, introduce, make, take, embed, operationalize, inject, inculcate.
realize (verb)


realise, sell, actualize.

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put into practice, enforced, serve, pursued, undertake, undertaken, meet, realization, realisation, implements, implementation, carries, fulfillment, fulfilment, enjoyment, actualization, execution, accomplishment, exercise, fruition, realisable, instill, enter, impose, then enter, materialize, come true, materialise, taking place, deploy, take place, integrate, incorporate, insert, employ, use, utilize, furnish, underway, applied, play, adopt, enact, equip, translate, annotate, fill, embodied, embody, impersonate, incarnate, personify, input, typing, usher,
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