Synonyms for build

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construct (verb)


create, build up, establish, make, erect, build in, generate, embed, pave.
strengthen (verb)


increase, ramp up.
base (noun)
form (noun)


shape, physique, constitution.
rely (verb)
line up (verb)

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creation, establishment, produce, designing, construction, erection, inline, creating, integrate, set up, instantiate, buildup, accumulation, by building, building, edifice, develop further, evolve, formation, shaping, accrue, accumulate, emergence, generation, foster, promote, elevate, formulate, expand, equip, pledge, pawn, anchored, Constitution, arrange, organize, rebuild, ramp, furnish, cultivate, compose, constitute, lay, Stoke, based, rooted, assembling, harvest, pack, amass, assemble, collate, collect, collected, compile, gather together, gather, glean, muster, reap, reassemble, intensify, consolidate, entrench, fortify, invigorate, reinforce, solidify, enhancement,
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