Synonyms for angry

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mad (adjective)


furious, wrathful, irate.
annoyed (adjective)


irritated, vexed, displeased, discontented, edgy.
enraged (participle)
grumpy (adjective)


sullen, surly, gruff.
pissed off (participle)
pissed (adjective)

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disgruntled, embittered, irritable, cranky, indignant, unhappy, resentful, incensed, dissatisfied, disaffected, really angry, so angry, glower, exasperated, angered, infuriated, outraged, rile, infuriate, enrage, aggrieved, irritate, annoy, spiteful, virulent, very angry, livid, scowl, angrily, irritably, furiously, crossly, sinister, hateful, malignant, accusatory, anger, wrath, rage, piss, outrage, ire, indignation, fury, upset, grudge, resent,
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